With the rise in drug development costs, focus on value-based pricing and surge in competition from generics and biosimilars, pharma and life sciences organizations are looking towards real world evidence to prove the value—cost, safety and effectiveness—of their medicinal products.

However, the current real world data is available in structured and unstructured format, adheres to various data standards, and constitutes varied data quality issues. The industry is now looking to define a platform-based approach to address the functional and technical complexities of real-world evidence (RWE) and harness the real world datasets across the pharma value chain.

Join us for an intriguing live webinar on ‘a platform-based approach to harness the value of real world data’, presented by industry experts Jim Carroll, Vice President, RWE (ICON) and Jeffrey Springer, VP, Healthcare Solutions (CitiusTech).



Learning Objectives

  • Understand key business use cases and stakeholders of RWE
  • Gather an industry perspective on RWE and its impact on entire pharmaceutical value chain
  • Learn current challenges and the need for a platform-based approach
  • Develop an overview of a platform-based approach to harness real-world datasets for observational research


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